Skectchup plugins

  • 3E Catalog

    3E Catalog

    This plugin is a useful tool for creating simple lists of components in your design. The Catalog includes all objects with assigned attributes and ignores the rest. An atribute can be assigned in the editor of attributes, such as materials, weight, price, descriptions,… These attributes... View all

  • 3E Doors and Windows

    3E Doors and Windows

    This 3E Doors and Windows add-on plugin saves time when inserting door or window in a wall, counting with its real thickness. The plugin analyzes the hole in the wall and puts selected type of door or window exactly into the hole. There are 4 most widely used types of door - solid door,... View all

  • 3E Parametric shapes

    3E Parametric shapes

    There is a huge group of architects and designers using SU. But there are also users focused rather on engineering, metalwork, locksmith, etc. This plugin for SketchUp serves them to create basic parametric shapes such as: Cone, Pyramid, Prism, Tube, Tube Lid, Square Profile, Square Profile... View all